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Welcome To Our Website
    Established in 1991,
    Jiuh Yang Metal Industry Sdn. Bhd
    has grown progressively to reach
    its current status in the forefront
    of the metal industry.

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General Application Fields Of Hot DIP Galvanizing

 Civil & Construction
 Traffic & Transportation
 Power & Telecommunications
 Bolt, Nut, Washer, Parts & Others

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  Design For Galvanizing

 Tanks and closed vessels
 Overlapping surfaces
 Larger overlapping surfaces
 Tubular fabrications/hollow structurals
 Welded pipe sections
 small tubular fabrications
 Strenghthening gussets and webs
 End plates
 Clearance for moving parts
 Internal threads and nuts
 Identification markings
 Materials suitable for galvanizing
 Combinations of ferrous surfaces
 Weld slags
 Provision for handling

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Good Reasons For Hot DIP Galvanizing

  1. Competitive initial cost
  2. Lowest lifetime cost
  3. Cost Efficient
  4. Long Lasting
  5. Reliability
  6. Coating endurance
  7. Long-term usage and maintenance free
  8. Protection
  9. Complete coverage
10. Convenient inspection
11. Quick and Fast
12. Mechanical capability

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