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About Us
     Established in 1991, Jiuh Yang Metal Industry Sdn. Bhd. has grown progressively to reach its current status in the forefront of the metal industry.

     Among the qualities that have prompted our success and growth in the marketplace are our dedication and commitment to providing best-in-class customer service and maintaining the high quality of our services standard.

     In an effort to continuously improve our technology and operations we have invested in extensive Research & Development to fulfil the stringent requirements of our base of valued customers.

     Our Operation processes consists of Hot Dip Galvanizing of fasteners, small components and metal parts.

     To ensure that the highest quality is achieved in our products, Jiuh Yang imports branded zinc such as Norzinc and Australian Zinc, which is reflected positively in the quality analysis. Stringent quality control inspection is carried out at timely intervals throughout the various processes to comply with the quality levels which are strictly adhered to. As part of our quality program, hourly inspection is conducted on all processes.

     The production volume line system of Jiuh Yang is rearranged from time to time in accordance to our customers specifications.

     In line with the diversification of the types of sub-contract work carried out at Jiuh Yang, regardless of the size of the projects undertaken, a strict production schedule is maintained to achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery.

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